School of Psychology

The school of psychology deals with the human behavior and attitude for living in the society. The education of psychology is highly important for the modern world as it teaches students regarding mental illness and students can differentiate between normal and abnormal behaviors. Psychologists work in variable domains as there is criminal psychology, industrial and organizational psychology & counselling psychology.

Psychologists study mental state of individuals that will identify their reactions towards different stimuli. Psychology is the study of mental problems and daily life issues . There are variety of disciplines in psychology that provide information regarding normal and abnormal behaviors.

Bronze University Offerings

We deliver unique online education experience to the students studying in area of interest. Students get intentional affiliation and they can work in any part of the world when studies with Bronze University. Our degree, diploma and certificate programs improves students skills and knowledge in respective field.

  • Clinical psychology
  • Counseling psychology
  • Educational psychology
  • General psychology
  • Organizational psychology

Scholorship Grants

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Bronze University offers scholarships on merit and need basis, for up to 75% of tuition fee for any program of your choice. Leave financial constraints behind and get started with Bronze University.