School of Social Sciences

Social science includes variety of field with respect to human aspects. The study provide numerous ways and sustainable solutions for living in the society. Social scientist serve governmental and non-governmental organizations. The study deal with basic understanding, creation and knowledge that affect society.

There are numerous disciplines of social sciences that are useful for the students in terms of dealing in societal issues. The various social sciences fields include finance, mathematics, economics, journalism, mass communication, sociology, history. These subjects are essential to live in the society.

Bronze University Offerings

Our online education system provide academic and professional gains to students for achieving their aspirations and guide them towards the desired career path. Students knowledge and capabilities are important in the area of study as they compete with international corporate world.

  • Economics
  • Mass communication
  • Sociology
  • English
  • History
  • Journalism

Scholorship Grants

For Students

Bronze University offers scholarships on merit and need basis, for up to 75% of tuition fee for any program of your choice. Leave financial constraints behind and get started with Bronze University.